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Disable cron emails (solution)

We are a group of psychologists who just launched a free mental health course to support people through covid19. Ask Us Anything about staying sane in a pandemic!

Setting up Unison File Synchronization between two Servers on Debian 10 (Buster)

[Short Tip] Flatten nested dict/list structures in Ansible with json_query

DNSControl: Version control your DNS configuration

The 4-Second Workout!

Informal feedbacks while remote working

How to use Wireguard and HAProxy to securely connect to your self hosted services

LiveChat server?

I’m Dr. Sanford Auerbach, board certified sleep specialist and neurologist. Ask me anything about how to develop healthy sleeping habits

I'm a Psychotherapist. Ask me anything about Mindfulness Meditation for treating anxiety



How to setup the HUION 430P drawing tablet on Ubuntu 20.04

Watch Ryuichi Sakamoto "Playing the Piano for the Isolated"

I want to host both private and semi-public photos. Is Nextcloud the right solution? What other options do you suggest?

What are your must haves for 2020?

how to login with uid with openldap ?

Monitoring solution for container logs

Just having some trouble with a simple shell script part

How to Create a Basic DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) Network in OPNsense

Any more services I could add?

Upload photos to location on a map

How to I put my nextcloud VM in a DMZ VLAN? Do I need to re-arrange my current setup/ buy more equipment to do it?

Bogotá Chamber of Commerce to host virtual editions of creative platforms

What to expect with the “flexible” reopening of Colombia after May 31


Most of the villages on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala are only accessible by boat, making it perfect for social distancing. Swimming here, surrounded by massive volcanic mountains was an incredible experience.

The Pandemic Shows What Cities Have Surrendered to Cars - The Atlantic

Linux Kernel Live Patching on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

How to Install NFS Client and Server on Ubuntu 20.04

How To Install the Ampache Music Streaming Server on Ubuntu 20.04


Finally got around setting a homepage for my slowly increasing setup. Homer is great!

Can Apache Guacamole be used to access internal servers from an external network?

Nginxproxymanager custom locations

Is there a name for the solution I'm trying to come up with?

Is there any Kanban-Board for multiple Users?

what tld are you running inside private networks?

Borg Backup Bare Metal Backup

Plain White Tees

How to Install Django on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Life is just better with a resolutions chart

Migrate your users from classic Hangouts to Google Chat, now available in Gmail

Cache Hugo modules in Drone CI

Turning Incredible PBX into a Lean, Mean Asterisk Machine

Bringing back the 90s Internet

Pomerium vs Authelia

Minor bug fix: autocomplete styling on

Domain names fro your local server only.

Photo Management

The Open Web is Dying

OpenLDAP vs FreeIPA vs ApacheDS vs Redhat IdM/Directory

Free Form Creator

How to Wear a Suit Casually

How to Discover the History of Your Neighborhood, Without Leaving Home

Adjusting to working from home

How To Install and Test Ansible on Linux

How to Synchronize Directories Using Lsyncd on Ubuntu 20.04

Exploring an Alternative to Jupyter Notebooks for Python Development

T-Shirts for Short Men: Proper Length, Top Brands and More

My April '20 in Review

Interconnect Incredible PBX 2020 to the Asterisk Mothership

Thoughts on the post-pandemic world and the future of travel

Confessions of a California Landlord

How and Why do I write monthly reviews?

How to get LXD containers get IP from the LAN with routed network

Experiences with keycloak alternatives

You can now install 70+ self-hosted apps and services via HomelabOS with one command. (x-post r/homelab)

[Tutorial] How to use NGinx auth_reuqest module with Vouch and Gitea

What's a good website to waste a whole night on?

Nomadic Life During a Pandemic: Lockdown in New Zealand (Updated)

Anyone else having a soft spot for Montevideo, Uruguay?

The Big 30: Incredible PBX 2020 Application User’s Guide

MoMA is offering free online art courses you can take at home

karen navarro

Should we tell the Americans who fetishise "tiny houses" that cities and apartments are a thing?

Conway's game of life in urban planning

How to Install Terraform on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Getting Started with Ansible Security Automation: Investigation Enrichment

15 Best Affordable Common Projects Alternatives

"Nitter Redirect" add-on to redirect Twitter to Nitter

2020-04-13 06:19:28

Beyond the Visible: Hilma af Klint

Living Through Coronavirus Around the World

What's worth running in the cloud?

What do your to ensure your selfhosted sites are "secure"?

Nextcloud Nginx Config help

Sound Of Colleagues

Home server vs rented server for self hosting

G-Maps alternative for "Saved Places'

Países que no usan el papel higiénico

MySQL Database Performance: Avoid this common mistake

The future of OpenUpgrade, today and tomorrow.

How to Install Metabase Business Analytics on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

How to Setup Bareos Backup Solution on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

How to Install PostGIS PostgreSQL Geographic Information Systems on Debian 10

How to install the web-based Guacamole Remote Desktop Client on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Linting Ansible playbooks using Drone

The 8 Best Hairstyles for Men With Thin Hair in 2020

Why I use tools like Docker and Flatpak

Why HN readers don't have a blog

Restricting SSH access on a interface, Good or Bad?

Optimal rclone config for basic use?

Custom data dashboard with charts.

Looking for solution to keep Gmail, but self-host content

Is my security reasonable?

Gathering ideas for a home storage array

Centralised location to store account info with write support.

Reverse Proxy on mediaserver or pi?

SeaTable -- extensible, self-hosted Airtable alternative, that helps you organize any data

Shobox: All-in-one bundle of tutorials and scripts for setting up a simple collaborative software development environment.

Pieces of Thinking

Backup a dockerized Postgres database with Resticker

Music That’s Perfect for Working

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Creating a Plain Text Career Management Document

2020-04-15 21:11:32

How and why you should lint your Ansible playbooks

The Medicine of Mustachianism (a guest post from Marla)

Five Quick Links for Friday Afternoon

How can I use a spare machine as a player (e.g. Chromecast / AirPlay style)

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5 Ways to Wear an Oxford Cloth Shirt | Button-Down Oxford Outfit Ideas for Guys

Dial A for Ansible and R for Runner

Android Enterprise in 11: Google reduces visibility and control with COPE to bolster privacy.

How to Tie a Simple Tie Knot (a.k.a., Oriental Knot)

atop – For Linux server performance analysis

htop: Quick Guide & Customization

The Simplest Way to Create a Python Virtual Environment

Using command aliases in LXD to exec a shell

Coping with Coronavirus: Working from Home with Asterisk

How to Manage Account Password in Linux

Sort and filter cells by text or fill color in Google Sheets

Create and use multiple signatures in Gmail

nVME drives in linux considerations

Identifying related documents in a knowledge base, CMS, or wiki

FreeIPA - internal DNS server needed for web-app user management?

Unexpected benefits of asynchronous remote work

How to dial a tel: URI with a shell script on macOS

Reverse geocoding the bakery

"The Basic Bastard" Album

What a Coronavirus Recovery Could Look Like

How to create a Virtual Machine (VM) on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

How to create a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) in AWS

How are you handling your SSH key rotations?

Buy a NAS or DIY a NAS

is there any low resource logging solution to send various log files from multiple vms to one central log?

Backup and deduplication

Wake over Lan

Here are three ways the pandemic could play out

Dystopian masterpieces: The Strugatski brothers' "Snail On The Slope"

Four Links - March 24, 2020

Moving to GitList

1-Minute Wonder: Incredible PBX & Fax 2020 for Raspberry Pi

N.K. Jemisin Confronts the City We’re Becoming

‘East Lake Meadows’ Isn’t Just a Public Housing Tragedy

COVID-19 will Kill a Ton of Startups (or So it Will Seem)

2020 Brings the Death of IT

Create pointers to any file or folder in Google Drive with shortcuts

How to get a direct WebRTC connections between two computers

Recipes For Disaster

Ash & Erie Review in 2020: Jeans, Everyday Shirt and More

Minimal Pics

Some Good News with John Krasinski

Indoor Voices, A Quarantine Group Blog Just Like The Old Days

Removing all passwords and using the Nginx auth_request module?

Matrix-Synapse video/voice calls encryption

(Another) script to setup wireguard

Need help setting up a managed Linux environment at small startup

borgbackup and duration time question

Need an External Storage provider (cheap but reliable) was thinking Hetzner (seeing it a lot here) any others worth looking at?

Android app -> Scan Document -> Upload to Selfhosted Application?

Some People

Lessons in Fear and Wealth from the Coronavirus

The Critically Most Important Place to Start with GTD

7 Crucial Style Tips for Short and Stocky Guys

React Native vs. Flutter: Top Mobile Development Frameworks for 2020

Using Markdown to Create Responsive HTML Emails

Exposed! Mr. Money Mustache’s 2019 Bachelor Spending!

How to Dress Well In Your 40s and 50s (and Beyond)

How to use virtual machines in LXD

Fanless Mini HTPC as home server?

Which NIC bonding level do you use in production and why?

Bach’s Prelude to Cello Suite No. 1, Deconstructed

The Stop Motion of the Ocean

On Keeping Plain Text Simple

linux-router by gary will · GitHub - has some short examples for LXD and LXC

Anyone tried out pull & bear clothing?

Reading and writing Ansible vault files

Some Fresh CallerID Magic for Incredible PBX 2020

Linux Performance: Almost Always Add Swap. Part 2: ZRAM

What have you done lately?

A travel guide to Xbox destinations

Chinos for Short Men: Where to Buy Shorter Inseam Chinos

Personal wiki apps with direct integration with (apart from Bookstack)

Primary to secondary dns failover in /etc/resolve.conf

Advice choosing and configuring new (hopefully better) system for NAS

Japan one month packing list

We can't get enough of these colors! Guanajuato, Mexico.

Dynamic DNS update on self after DHCP

To Navigate Love, French Intellectuals Mapped It

Wes Anderson’s The French Dispatch

OCA 2020 Updates

How to Install Django Web Application Framework on Debian 10

How to Tie a Prince Albert Knot (a.k.a., Double Four in Hand)

Video of a cool old Tokyo neighborhood slated for redevelopment

Nick Sibicky Go Lecture #374 - Five Must Know Joseki for 2020

Reverse Proxy Suggestions

Centralising deployment of my SSH Keys and Dotfiles with Ansible

Ebook online access of home server - Plex for Books

Streaming Go - Fun Games - Contact Only!

Replacing a Shirt with a Sweater -- Permanent Style, Anderson & Sheppard explore knitwear options under a blazer

Debug en Plantillas Qweb

Odoo Qweb manejo de Ciclos

Acción Automatizada para Prevenir Registros Duplicados

How Miles Davis Made “Kind of Blue”

How to Install TeamPass Password Manager on Debian 10

Python Tools for Record Linking and Fuzzy Matching

How to Tie a Half Windsor Knot

[Updated guide!] How to install NextCloud 18 on Ubuntu (16.04-19.10), OnlyOffice works out of box!

How I backup my self-hosted infrastructure with restic and rsync. How do you do yours?

Highlights of Year 10 as Digital Nomads

The Neighbor’s Window

Database of old book illustrations

How to view the files of your LXD container from the host

How to fold a Pocket Square (6 Ways)

[NAS] Choosing hardware for a diy NAS

Bad Map Projection: South America

Sonant makes generative music you can leave on

An Epic Basic Bastard Wardrobe

Outerwear for Short Men: The Ultimate Guide [2020]

How to Home Lab: Part 7 - Log Management

Chinos for Shorter Men: The Ultimate Guide

The Harrington Jacket

9 Style Tips for Shorter Men (How to Look Taller and Leaner)


How to install osTicket with Nginx on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS


Polo Shirts for Short Men: The Ultimate Guide

6 Ways to Wear a Cardigan Sweater | Cardigan Outfit Ideas for Guys

Help your team get more out of G Suite with four new resources

Creating Interactive Dashboards from Jupyter Notebooks

Web-based photo editing+management

Travel Tunes: Kíla: Suas Síos

TCP Wrappers and Mosquitto

Deploying an Incredible PBX 2020 Public Server

[Short Tip] Accessing Nautilus mounted locations via shell/terminal

Encoding your WiFi access point password into a QR code

Sweaters for Short Men: The Ultimate Guide

I'm J. Kenji López-Alt, recipe writer, chef, author of The Food Lab and the NYT Food sections newest columnist. I'm here to help with your holiday cooking questions or anything else. AMA

Finding Natural Breaks in Data with the Fisher-Jenks Algorithm

Lavagna is a small and easy to use issue/project tracking software.

To be great, be good repeatably

How I use Vimwiki

Spotify Replacement

Running X11 software in LXD containers

Turning off less secure app access to G Suite accounts

Mateusz Urbanowicz’s Tokyo storefronts

Intrusion Detection/Monitoring

When I graduated college, I had interviews at Google, Dropbox, Goldman Sachs, and others because of my resume, despite a 2.2 GPA. Now we've build a software to make the same resume for free. AMA!

Local-first software: you own your data, in spite of the cloud

Creating and Using a Plain Text Recap File

7 Style Tips for Short and Stocky Guys (Simple and Actionable)

Migrating Painlessly from Incredible PBX 13-13 to 16-15

Automated Report Generation with Papermill: Part 2

9 Ways to Wear a Navy Blazer | Blue Sportcoat Outfit Ideas

Observations from Meditation: A Year in the Trenches

Combine Multiple Excel Worksheets Into a Single Pandas Dataframe

Interconnect Incredible PBX 16-15 to the Asterisk Mothership

Switching to Odoo: One Company's Journey

Introducing Incredible PBX 16 with VitalPBX 2.3.8

Add comments and save filter views in the alert center

Using the LXD Kali container image

How to use the LXD Proxy Device to map ports between the host and the containers

Reconnecting your LXD installation to the ZFS storage pool

Cloud-init support in LXD container images

Introducing Incredible PBX Custom Contexts for VitalPBX

Binning Data with Pandas qcut and cut

Going Public with Incredible PBX 16 and VitalPBX 2.3.8

How to add both a private and public network to LXD using cloud-init

Dynamic, context-aware access control for G Suite now generally available

Create rules to automate actions and alerts through the security center

Fundamental device management brings basic coverage to all desktop computers

9 Ways to Wear a Lightweight Quilted Vest

How to setup Netdata in a LXD container for real-time monitoring

Not specifically related to LXD but if you struggle with NetPlan configuration with LXC this page has great example configs

How to setup PostgreSQL Streaming Replication with Replication Slots on Debian 10

Looking for vehicle mileage and maintenance tracker

How To Set Up Custom Network Bridges for LXD Containers using NetPlan

Email Storage Solution

Which book should a depressed person absolutely have to read?

Adding Authorized Keys to the LXD Default Profile

How to sleep at night having a cloud service: common architecture do's

[backups] Reassessing my original strategy.

Jitsi Meet is Free open source self-hosted videoconferencing that just works, no registration / account needed. Try it at

My own backup system?

local imap server for archiving

Add tab completion to your scripts


Show HN: Open-Source Alternative to Intercom, Drift, Zendesk, FreshChat

What is the best option for modern IRC/XAMPP servers and clients with modern chat features? (code snippets, image, file uploads, audio record and upload, rooms, bots)?

Self Hosted Alternative to Pusher?

How to Setup iSCSI Storage Server on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Sourcetrail, interactive source explorer, is now free and open-source

Antikondo: Orderliness is not the same as efficiency

Howto: Extend your wrists' duty-cycle

Admin setting to control Working Hours

Android Auto compatible Music app

Manage apps accessing G Suite data with new app access control

Try LXD Virtual Machines

AndroidFlask Image Upload from Android to a Python-Based Flask Server

Basic Social Skills Guide (2012)

What does your Borg Backup performance look like?

Android Hosted Music Server [help]

Signage Software

PSA: certificate information like the exact subdomain can easily be found in an online search engine.

When deploying a container do you

Setup Minikube inside LXD Container to create as many one-node Kubernetes clusters as you want.

Learning to See the Commons

Tips for Selecting Columns in a DataFrame

Fifth (and final?) delivery of my blog series "De-google my life"

Protect the Open Web: Use Semantic HTML

Simple-ish dashboard for monitoring company services

git autodeploy to /var/www/* security configuration question, best practices

A layperson-friendly introduction to MMT, a heterodox school of economics that could finance a Green New Deal

Solution to backup Friends and Family's computers to my network?

LibreSignage v1.1.0 nearing completion

Ubuntu endpoint management solution?

Self hosted cloud visitor management system

Monitoring backups. Best practice?

I need your opinion about my offsite backup strategy.

Opensource alternative to Intercom, Drift, Zendesk, FreshChat

Selfhosted imap backup ?

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Black, isort, pre-commit

jorgeegomez starred larsenwork/monoid

Could a rpi4 (4gb ram) replace my old pc that I use as a server?

Using GoAccess with Nginx for self-hosted web analytics

Reverse proxy without opening ports?

Running fully containerized Nextcloud behind Nginx reverse proxy, WebDAV errors!

[swap] what's the current thinking for a. desktops and b. servers?

A Love Letter to Personal Websites


Want to give a BIG thumbs-up to the LXDMosaic project - Web GUI to manage local/remote LXD

Automated Report Generation with Papermill: Part 1

What do you use to provision baremetal and VM’s?

Walking, the easy superpower

lxd-snapper - kinda like Borg, but for LXD snapshots!

Cultivate a routine. It’s good for you. At least, it was good for me.

Using The Pandas Category Data Type

How to add buttons to ModelAdmin Index View in Wagtail CMS

Make Django's collectstatic command forgiving

59 Linux Networking commands and scripts

Outerwear for Shorter Men (In-Depth Guide)

Adding custom filters to Django admin is easy!

Turning something into a script encourages improving it

NVMe and an interesting technology change

Linux Performance: Why You Should Almost Always Add Swap Space

Interconnecting a Mobile PBX to the Asterisk Mothership

Meet Linphone: Free Worldwide Calling to Anybody with SIP

[Howto] ara – making Ansible runs easier to read and understand

Stylin’ with Pandas

Refusing to adapt, hedonically speaking

Update all linked content with one click in Docs and Slides

Check out the new G Suite Learning Center

Ansible and Ansible Tower special variables

Conditional expressions in any form are an attractive thing

The Lost Common Spaces of Our Hyper-Segmented Lives

So easy to be happy in Italy

New G Suite OAuth API activity reporting now available

Our current approach for updating things like build instructions

Review: One year of Stitch Fix and why I'm dropping it.

The One-Minute Installer: Deploying Asterisk on the Internet

Mesmerizing 1980s experimental Japanese film using video cut-ups to deconstruct architecture

How do lonely people get friends?

When Employees Use Software That IT Hasn’t Approved

No Repository Pattern

Ansible vs Rundeck, the Poorman's Ansible Tower · GitHub

any suggestions for self-hosted image editing?

Bacula, Bareos, BackupPC, Amanda. Looking for advice.

The 10 Best 34mm Watches For Any Budget ($50 to $5,400)

Did I tell you about my new job?

Small Business Setup

Installing Centreon Open Source IT Infrastructure Monitoring on Ubuntu 18.04 (via LXC/LXD)

Nginx tuning tips: TLS/SSL HTTPS – Improved TTFB/latency

Intel's MDS issues have now made some old servers almost completely useless to us

How to add your ssh key to all LXD containers you create

Simple authentication setup

Replicate FreeIPA LDAP Directory into DMZ

Looking for suggestions for a Self-employed one man Swiss army knife project management solutions

Self-Supervised Learning [pdf]

Celebrating the Under-Represented Basic Grey Tee Shirt

andrea torres balaguer

What are your life goals?

WireGuard - pass all traffic including DNS?

Howto: make better salads

Software for restricting user accounts on an Nginx server?

Researching hybrid solution for backups and file synchronization/sharing and archiving

GPU, USB, NICs and Other Physical Devices in Your Containers - Youtube Video by Stéphane Graber

How Bash decides it's being invoked through sshd and sources your .bashrc

Uncompetitive Purposefulness and Infinity Cake

Use YouTube to improve your English pronunciation

My Life Goals Brainstorm that you can steal from. If you want.

[Ubuntu 18.04 / Netplan] Multiple Network Adapter/Gateway Help

LXC - conflicts with wildcard port bindings when running multiple containers

Self hosting Wire Guard Script (VPN)

Myrtille HTML5 Remote Desktop, version 2.5.5

Designing Cities To Counter Loneliness? Let’s Explore The Possibilities

Use security codes to log in where security keys won’t work directly

How to Wear Chinos in 2019 (In-Depth Guide)

Highlights from Normal People by Sally Rooney

Being realistic about what we're going to do with our Django app

Are there really four tools for DNS resolving?

Use groups to control more G Suite apps and settings

Guacamole raspberry Pi

How to manage backups?

Best IRC Core with GTK and Android clients?

How to use cloud-init to run commands on Linux Container (LXD) instance at provision launch time - nixCraft

Whitelist and manage domains more easily in the Admin console

Building An Enterprise Infrastructure From Ground-Up

Backup options - What do you choose and why?

Using Ansible to Manage LXD Containers

A good free and open source Auth Server with SSO?

Super Productivity is an open source ToDo List / Time Tracker / Personal Jira Task Manager

Using Wireguard to Connect Containers Securely Across Clouds

SaaS CTO Security Checklist

Walking Bogotá’s Avenida Chile: Banks, booklets and brunches

SSH or OpenVPN for home network?

Backup on Linux: is BackInTime reliable?

Bluffworks Review | Travel Clothes for Men

Add single-sign-on and access control using pomerium

Two things I’ve done lately that made life better. YMMV

59 Ways to Cook Your Eggs

GUI Applications to Manage & Orchestrate (MANO) LXD Containers - here are several choices

Self hosted Netlify-like solution

Resources for dealing with death

I backup (clone) all my gists

Ansible AWX Guide: Basic Usage and Configuration

PoC: A desktop in a container on a server

Show HN: Everything I Know Wiki

Bare metal provisioning in-memory OS?

Vertically Scaling PostgreSQL

How to take back control of /etc/resolv.conf on Linux (2018)

Rebuilding My Personal Infrastructure With Alpine Linux and Docker

Magic Lantern: feature-rich addons for Canon EOS cameras

List of self hosted apps with Mobile apps. (UPDATED)

Which cloud storage should I use for backups? - One command to enable SSH access via Tor to any server.

Matrix-Server with own LDAP and Integrations

Stephen Wolfram's basement servers are shown in this blog post

mStream Music - v4.0 Release + Android App

Recommended reading (books or other good resources) for getting a good general grasp on OpenLDAP and specifically LDAP + file shares?

PostgresSQL upgrade considerations

Linux Terminal Server Project

How to Create Reality

Cleave.js – Format input text content when you are typing

Google Forms alternative

How-To-Secure-A-Linux-Server: An evolving how-to guide for securing a Linux server.

free selfhosted webform , which is able to generate PDF from the enetered data

Strangler pattern, a powerful simple concept to do refactoring

Amazing resource I found today, nice design too

Personal Dashboards that can bypass NGINX htaccess

jorgeegomez starred kalvn/Shaarli-Material

UC on Steroids: Incredible PBX for Issabel Joins the Cloud

How To Wear a Henley Shirt (5 Outfit Ideas)


Cómo instalar Asterisk 13 como un profesional

Self-hosted Gyazo alternative - screenshot and upload

pdd v1.2 tiny date, time diff utility released with timer and stopwatch support!

Cobbler PXE Kickstart alternative?

My First Security Audit, Any Tips?

ytmdl- Download songs from youtube with tags from itunes. Only argument to be passed is the song name. It will do the else automatically.

Seven bits of advice from Kurt Vonnegut to people living 100 years in the future

How to ask a favor

What does sleep do?

Termgraph: Python CLI Tool to Draw Graphs

Common Git Problems and How to Fix Them

MapTiler: Map overlay, cut map tiles for Google Maps, GIS layers and mobile apps

Taskbook: Like Trello but for the Terminal

GTD Weekly review helper (Look, I made a thing!)

PgModeler – PostgreSQL Database Modeler

For progress to be by accumulation and not random walk, read great books (2010)

How I slashed a SQL query's runtime with two Unix commands

The mysteries of the supply chain

Traveling the World on a Third World Passport

Python Fire – automatically generates CLIs from any Python object

Algo: A set of Ansible scripts that simplify the setup of a personal IPSEC VPN

Need More Self-Control? Try a Simple Ritual

LXD Listen in host and forward to container (Proxy NAT) quick-ref

Ampache vs Funkwhale

LXD Listen in host and forward to container quick-ref (Proxy device NAT) - networking example setup by zipzap

Duplicar Base de Datos en 5 Minutos Odoo y PostgreSQL

Don’t repeat Yourself – Understanding Django Template Inheritance

Django is too complicated!

Getting to know your Users – User Authentication with Django’s built-in views

How not to handle an exception in Python

Django 2.0 url() to path() cheatsheet

The hidden powers of Custom Django 2.0 Path Converters

I just setup WireGuard, and I’ll never go back to OpenVPN

A Sobering Look at Asterisk and the 2019 VoIP Landscape

The Explorer and The Hermit

Secure LDAP now generally available to simplify the management of traditional applications

Better insight into the managed mobile devices in your organization

MySQL Performance: Stop hoarding. Drop unused MySQL databases

My non-approach to password management tools

Getting to inbox zero

Fair Isle or Stranded Colourwork Inspiration Album

Which software do you use/recommend as music server?

using vimwiki with markdown

These parsimonious people are leading the F.I.R.E. (Financial Independence Retire Early) movement

Getting things off your mind

I need some clarifications about some commands...

Wekan LDAP Integration

Show HN: Jobs Done – A ritual app for ending the work day inspired by Deep Work

Postfix: proper configs, DNS, and DKIM

Rsync-based OSX-like time machine for Linux and BSD (and even OSX)

Some Reflections from My Trip to Berlin

When did email become my job?

Is using the cloud even worth it?

Show HN: Technical note app that builds a knowledge base

Has anyone successfully switched staff laptops to Linux?

Engineers Shouldn’t Write ETL

Philosophy Has Made Plenty of Progress

MFA Wearing Knitwear and Sweaters (Album + Discussion)

Autonomous Cars: Move Over Tesla, Here Comes Everybody

Up your cli usage with some tmux tricks

Two little tools: 'within' and 'timed'

How are you managing Linux DNS in your organization?

Containerizing services on a single server

Dashboard to manage/deploy individual web-applications

HomelabOS – Ansible scripts to deploy self hosted cloud services

Tips for overcoming reader's block

Snapshots of Tokyo’s vivid street life

Enjoying the fruit of our labor (and also the labor)!

Quick how-to on making great scrambled eggs

PSA: Add rocks to the bottom of pots does *not* improve drainage. It actually has the opposite effect.

Terminus - A terminal for a more modern age

Restisting the temptation to rely on Ubuntu for Django 1.11

Organize and create apps for your domain directly from the Admin console

Where to work in Mexico City

Clear firefox internal database at once to boost performance

‘Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat’ Is a Love Letter to Amateur Cooks

2018 Gift Guide: DIY Handmade Ideas

Organic Sunday in Mexico Cit

Hacker News Thread Of Useful CLI Tools

Mexico City is a City Like No Other!

You might not need Kubernetes

Container Linux on the Desktop [slides]

What I really miss when I don't have X across the network

The Strategic Value of Clear Space

Learn Git Branching

Dinner at Mexico City's Lorea

Advanced password controls for increased security

Suggestions for travel/backpacking?

Self hosted location sharing

Anyone doing linux virtual desktops?

move based on indentation

Re-stream spotify with airsonic (or something else)

Good sleep, good learning, good life (2012)

Pandas Crosstab Explained

Feedback appreciated: bluechat, a focused binary to send/receive/reply xmpp/jabber/gmail messages

LibreSignage - An open source digital signage solution

Thanks to these hanging shelves from Perfect Views, I can finally grow plants in my house.

I've got everything hosted behind a reverse proxy with nginx, can I do some sort of unified authentication?

In California, a Mid-Century Modern Home with a Carefree Spirit

Newest addition. First fiddle leaf fig.

Traefik any good?

Spotify CLI clients

Search, comments and an image viewer with Hugo

Interactive Git Cheatsheet with Visualisation

Lock down Linux desktop/laptops and BYOD?

Security: Vlan or subnet or.....?

What is a website that everyone should know about but few people actually know about?

OpenGTS is a self-hosted GPS tracking system for a fleet of vehicles.

Is there self-hosted or standalone email app with kanban like view?

Vim-python development workflow

Hank Green's "An Absolutely Remarkable Thing": aliens vs social media fame vs polarization

Mount a host dir inside an container?

What's Your Approach to Backups?

Open Source solution by Google to use Google Authenticator as 2FA on Linux devices. It uses PAM and does not require a desktop to function, so it can be used for servers and workstations alike!

Building a PDF Splitter Application

Discovering Mattermost

Lectura Archivos Python 3 y Odoo 11

Creación Metodos Automatizados en Odoo (Cron) v 11

Creación de Campos con Precisión Decimal Dinamica en Odoo

Creating building blocks in Odoo

Agregar Formato a Campos Fecha Reportes Qweb Odoo

Featureful Board-based Task Manager for the Terminal

All softphones quit working, had to change extensions to nat, force rport to make them work.

Making a packing spreadsheet


Portal Auto Facturación en Linea con Odoo

Contabilidad electrónica 1.3 para OpenERP 7, Odoo 8, Odoo 9 y Odoo10

En Islandia – cómo llegar, que hacer y que visa necesito? – semana 7/52

Descarga de Reporte con Nombres Dinámicos en Odoo 9 y Odoo 10

Mensaje de Confirmación en la ejecución de Botones

Consulta de Fecha Actual a traves de la API de Odoo


Informes financieros bajo NIIF en Odoo v8

Odoo - Override translations


Delivery method and Freight charges for purchase orders in Odoo

Deploy Odoo with Ansible

Business Intelligence in the Modern Era

Odoo - Localización funcional para Colombia - Información exógena: Formato 1009

Generating fake data with barnum

Creating PDF Reports with Pandas, Jinja and WeasyPrint

Overview of Python Visualization Tools

Web Scraping - It’s Your Civic Duty

Streamline your Purchasing process in Odoo using Purchase Requests

Optimizing warehouse data for business analytics


OpenERP - Localización funcional para Colombia - Recibos de Caja y Comprobantes de Egreso

How to build your quotes for success!

Cost Management Accounting in Odoo

Product receptions and returns with real-time inventory valuation in Odoo

Using the pip package manager for Odoo

Odoo - Presentation documentation v8

Finite capacity planning and scheduling for manufacturing: Odoo – frePPLe connector

The new Odoo warehouse management system

Odoo - Recruiting and managing highly skilled talents

Webdav, Caldav & Co. in Odoo

Odoo mobile apps

How you can do invoice reconciliation the easy way - there's no need for an accountant

Integración Odoo & Google OAuth

Odoo - Localización funcional para Colombia - Especificación de requerimientos - "Terceros"

Integración Odoo y Google Calendar

Odoo - Localización funcional para Colombia - Información exógena: Formato 1008

Odoo - Localización funcional para Colombia - NIIF

Using Pandas To Create an Excel Diff

Common Excel Tasks Demonstrated in Pandas

Simple Interactive Data Analysis with Python

Common Excel Tasks Demonstrated in Pandas - Part 2

Using Sets for Data Analysis

Combining Data From Multiple Excel Files

Creating a Waterfall Chart in Python

Pandas Pivot Table Explained

Simple Graphing with IPython and Pandas

What websites should I bookmark? [serious]


Where To Put Dates

HP t610 Thin Client R&D Project

The Role of the Dimensional Model in Your BI Program

Optional Relationships Without NULL

Business Analytics and Dimensional Data

In the Era of Big Data, The Dimensional Model is Essential

Gestión de "Tesorería" en OpenERP 7.0 - Traslados, Consignaciones y Retiros

OpenERP - Extensión "Cash and Bank Transfers"


Pan Seared Salmon with Lemon butter Cream Sauce and Crispy Skin.

Fried Rice Chicken Teriyaki Cups

Tofu Bolognese

Roasted Potatoes

Avocado Corn Salad

Fudgy Brownies

Burrito Samosas

Rosemary Olive Oil Slow Cooker Bread

Slow Cooker Pork Chops

Bananas Foster Upside-Down Cake

Green bean and potato salad

Chicken Alfredo Baked Ziti

Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie

Creamy Chicken Bacon Pasta

Broccoli Fritters - Low-Carb recipe for weight loss (only 4 ingredients)

Skillet Cheddar-Cornbread BBQ Chicken Pot Pie [OC]

Easy Spaghetti With Fresh Tomatoes And Sauce


Japanese Bento By Hiroko And Hitomi

Pineapple Ginger Chicken

Pork Stir Fry with Green Beans

German Apple Pancake

Cheese and Bacon Baked Potatoes

Crispy, Creamy Chicken Cordon Bleu

Cheese Stuffed Mash Beef Pie

Carrot Cake Cookies

Chocolate Cherry Thumbprint Cookies

Healthy Okra and Lentil Curry


Bacon and Cheeseburger Fries

Chicken spaghetti

Sky-High Japanese Pancakes

Potato Bake

Hasselguac Potatoes

One-Skillet Roasted Sesame Chicken Thighs

Red Lentil Curry


Giant Currito Bake

Spinach Ricotta Cannelloni

Shrimp Cherry Tomato Spaghetti

Healthier Cashew Chicken Stir-Fry

Soft & Chewy Snickerdoodles


Fried Cauli-Rice

Healthy Summer Vegetable Minestrone Soup

Red Pepper Pasta


Cauliflower Tikka Masala

Chicken Florentine Pasta

Sticky Pineapple Chicken

Silky Sweet Corn Soup

Honey Mustard Chicken Salad

One of my favourite recipes from this sub. Slow-cooker Honey Teriyaki Pulled Chicken

Caramelized Banana Egg Rolls

Easy Homemade Chicken Curry (Gluten-Free And Low Fodmap)

Gobi Manchurian

Homemade Oatmeal Cream Pies

Dinner + Dessert: Miso Marinated Salmon and Matcha Ice Cream

Leftover Quinoa Fried Rice

Salmon Meal Prep Two Ways

Eggplant Parmesan

Loaded Baked Potatoes 4 Ways

Crunchy Churro French Toast Sticks

Veggie Burgers 4 Ways

Aebleskivers (Danish Pancakes)

The Trick to Magic Cornbread

New Orleans Beignets

Kalakand (Indian milk cake)

One-Pan Roasted Veggies 4 Ways

Stout Floats with Cocoa Syrup

One-Pan Sriracha Chicken and Veggies

Spinach & Chickpea Curry

Learn how to make perfect Egg Fried Rice- EVERYTIME (details in the comments)

Broccoli Tots - my favorite

Thai Pineapple Fried Rice with Chicken.

Zesty Lime Chicken And Black Bean Rice

Creamy Mushroom Soup

Green Beans & Ground Pork [OC]

Chicken and Rice Soup with Green Chiles and Ginger

Avocado Pesto Pasta

Apple Ring Pancakes

Nice Spice Rice

My Skillet Cornbread...with cheddar cheese and green chilies


Wanga bharit recipe

Tomato bhaji recipe

Slow Cooker Posole Rojo - YUM!

Slow Cooker Moroccan Stew

Salsa lentils

Happy accident dry rub pork shoulder (X-posting from r/mealprepsunday)

Lebanese moussaka - Maghmour. Onions tomatoes olives aubergine garlic chickpeas yum yum. 4hrs.

Show cooked devilled sausages

Khir Recipe

The filling: spinach, avocado, goat cheese, garlic and um, mozzarella cheese.

Slow-cooked cilantro lime chicken

Slow-cooked mac n cheese

I grew up enjoying steaming hot champorado for breakfast. My mom would make them when the...

Vegetable puree soup (for both Crock-pot and normal pot) 6-7h

Flavorful & Succulent Chicken Veggie Stew Recipe

Corn Chowder is amazing!

Slow-Cooker Brazilian Feijoada. Recipe and process in comments

Spicy Citrus Carnitas with Guac!

Chicken and Salsa - Everything from Scratch


Can I show off my slow cooked phở?

Slow cooked pot roast over garlic mashed potatoes and a creamy beef broth

Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup

Mexican shredded beef, simplified (carne deshebrada) [wife says "10/10, save the recipe"]

I made some spicy coconut curry chicken this weekend.

Made beef and broccoli tonight. It was excellent.


Slow Cooker Sausage and Peppers - Imgur

Made honey garlic chicken in the slow cooker and it is delicious, not to mention a very simple undertaking.


Request: yummy salmon recipe

Curried Avocado Egg Salad - egg salad lightened up!

Reddit, what are some good, easy weeknight dinner recipes you use?

I want to make work lunches in advance. What recipes can be easily prepared on the weekend, easily portioned and survive healthily when refrigerated for five-six days?


The four ingredient tomato sauce recipe that made me stop using jar pasta sauce

How To: Roasted Vegetables, A Beautiful Visual Guide


A Social Distance


What are some YouTube channels for Urban Design?

How Art Arrived at Jackson Pollock

The latest marble chain reaction video is the best so far

We’re All Lonely Together

Three Chords and the Truth: Where Did Punk Music Come From?


We use #Asterisk and we are proud of it , here is our story , might can help answer many of your questions .

Martin Hayes Quartet: Let The Blue Room calm your fractured soul

Curtains Up, a short film on movies and meditation featuring David Lynch

Cities: Skylines | Power, Politics and Planning: Urban Freeways

Video tour of the "coolest district in Prague"

This travel videographer made an incredible short video of his month in Seoul

GPU, USB, NICs and Other Physical Devices in Your Containers - Stéphane Graber, Canonical Ltd.

AI finds solutions its creators didn't anticipate

Organization nerds: Get inspired by these bullet journal flip-through videos


Real Town Planner Plays Cities Skylines

What are some good Python resources for a sysadmin experienced in Perl and Bash?

Fixing the common mistakes most beginner cooks make

Improve your photos with these simple composition tips

How to argue with your partner without blowing up your relationship

How to complain better

Incredible Afrobeat music from Mali


The Charm of Shanghai's Historic Neighborhoods


120 Subway Stations Speed by in Less Than 2 Minutes

How to Make an Attractive City - An interesting video with some basic rules

Video: "How Electric Light Changed The Night"


Having troubles pouring a rosetta? This video shows you exactly what you need to do, troubleshooting included so you can figure out exactly why it's not working for you.


Long-form YouTube: videos of entire long-distance train journeys