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[Howto] ara – making Ansible runs easier to read and understand

Ara is a simple web server showing detailed information about Ansible runs. It is helpful in understanding and troubleshooting Ansible runs.


Ansible runs, especially on the command line, do only provide limited information. Details about used variables, the timing of each task or other information are only available using additional plugins, but the details provided by them are usually narrowed to a use case.

A better way to provide information about Ansible runs is to collect the …

Free Ldap + Vpn to self host, does it even exist?

Hey guys,

I'm currently looking into a free way to setup an Ldap + Vpn combination to host some software for a group of historiens who want to come together and collaborate in a project in their freetime.

I've looked around for a week now and almost immediatly found openLdap which sounded just awesome. I set it up and it just worked. But for the second part I just have no Idea what to do now. I setup two types of OpenVpn. Which are both not really working out in their own way. The first one I installed …

Looking for Selfhosted YouTube alternative

As the title says, I'm looking for a selfhosted YouTube style software. I have been saving quite a few YouTube videos that I want to be able to refer to in my wiki and for other purposes. I've been looking for a while and have found a few possibilities but, nothing that I like.

  • Tube - The most promising. Couldn't get it to work right. Could get the docker image going but I was unable to get it to use a custom config file.

  • AVideo/YouPHPTube - Got it working (somewhat). It's a big beast with tons of …

Efficiently Cleaning Text with Pandas


It’s no secret that data cleaning is a large portion of the data analysis process. When using pandas, there are multiple techniques for cleaning text fields to prepare for further analysis. As data sets grow large, it is important to find efficient methods that perform in a reasonable time and are maintainable since the text cleaning process evolves over time.

This article will show examples of cleaning text fields in a large data file and illustrates tips for how to efficiently clean …

FIRE in a developing economy

My wife’s cousin recently moved to Cote d’Ivoire, and our latest conversation centered around financial independence and early retirement. The topic is also known under the trendy term “FIRE”. You may have heard about it as “those darn milenials retiring in their 30s”.

A lot of the advice I’m familiar with is US-centric (or covering Canada, Australia, EU countries, and so on). I couldn’t find adequate resources for pursuing financial independence in emergent economies. I tried to research this subject, and …

Communicating via snippets

I’ve learned a lot of cool things during my tenure at Google.

One of those things are snippets. Google (and from what I hear other Silicon Valley giants as well) utilizes a system of snippets: a transparent and widely accessible set of weekly notes. It’s not mandatory, and some groups use it more often then others. Sounds ordinary, but I think it’s a lot more interesting then that.

Communication and visibility is one of the major challenges in any paid creative work, but it’s especially important in …

PiKVM - Control up to 4 servers simultaneously

PiKVM - Control up to 4 servers simultaneously

This is every homelabbers dream isn't it? Controlling multiple systems that don't have IPMI natively, remotely. Thanks to PiKVM, we've been able to do this on a 1:1 basis for a while - but I've found a HDMI/USB KVM switch which will let us up that number to 4:1.

PiKVM is designed to run on a Raspberry Pi 4 (it will run on a Zero but performance will be awful). It uses an HDMI CSI bridge adapter to capture the input from a remote system and using the OTG capabilities of the USB-C port on the Pi 4, spoofs …

Vendor Portal / Sharing Price List with Customers

Hey I have a sales team of 16 and my sales director keeps our price list's in excel and shares the excel / pdf with customers. I would love to have this generated from odoo price lists and be able to send a price list to customers with an odoo link via text / email etc. Would be great if quotes could be generated from the price list. Does anyone know what apps / tutorials would get me where I want to be?

FYI - multi-company environment. I have 2 companies but we are selling products from both through the …

How to Wear a Denim Jacket (17 Year-Round Outfit Ideas for Guys)

Look for denim jacket outfit ideas? This style guide will give you plenty of options all year-round. Denim jackets are much more popular now, partly due to Gen Z bringing back more retro styles, but also because of their versatility. They’ve turned into a perfect light or medium layer option, depending on the season. Even Read more arrow about How to Wear a Denim Jacket (17 Year-Round Outfit Ideas for Guys)

The post How to Wear a Denim Jacket (17 Year-Round Outfit Ideas for Guys) appeared first on The Modest Man.

Deploying mkdocs using DroneCI and Gitea

Deploying mkdocs using DroneCI and Gitea

mkdocs is a static site generator that I use for several documentation sites both public and private. Up until recently I've relied on Github actions to automate deployments to VPS hosts (eschewing Github pages).

Todays post will discuss the steps required to deploy a fully self-hosted, automatically updating documentation stack using Gitea, mkdocs, nginx, traefik and Drone CI.


For the purposes of this guide we should assume you are familiar with the basics of DNS. However we'll need to make …

How do you handle startup with encrypted volumes?

At the moment I'm using dropbear to enable ssh login before the drive decrypts so I can enter the password but its pretty painful when I want to de a reboot, and I'm really worried about losing the ssh key for it. even though I have it backed up. I'm considering changing to a piKVM but it seems like just another single point of failure.

How do you all handle this problem? Have you got an easier solution or recommendations?

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[link] …

Goodbye runbot, welcome runboat.

As you may have noticed, a new tool has arrived in the OCA landscape: runboat. It is a runbot replacement that is specially tailored to OCA needs. What was runbot and why we can do better? ** Runbo...

Gitea Webhook Change

Gitea Webhook Change

A while back I wrote about deploying DroneCI and Gitea together to build projects automatically. A few months ago my CI broke and I've only just now gotten around to fixing it.

In PR #17482 the Gitea project introduced a breaking change for security reasons. They introduced a new webhook.ALLOWED_HOST_LIST value which needed to be configured in order for webhooks to work.


In Gitea open the repo in question and navigate to the repo specific settings -> webhooks.

Gitea Webhook Change

Next utilise the recent deliveries …

Pandas Groupby Warning


One of the reasons I like using pandas instead of Excel for data analysis is that it is easier to avoid certain types of copy-paste Excel errors. As great as pandas is, there is still plenty of opportunity to make errors with pandas code. This article discusses a subtle issue with pandas groupby code that can lead to big errors if you’re not careful. I’m writing this because I have happened upon this in the past but it still bit me big time just recently. I hope this article can help a few …

Ideas for using Ansible local facts

I was asked today whether I’ve a list of ideas for using Ansible’s local facts, and my answer was, sadly, ‘no’. I thought I’d start one with the help of my Ansible followers.

  • Datacenter, rack location, phone number of contact person, machine owner, inventory number.
  • I often say data from special sensors can be reported on by an executable fact file.
  • Andreas reports they use executable facts to report on nginx vhosts, MySQL databases, Docker containers, installed software such as PHP and Node …

Check for duplicate items in a list with Ansible using a custom filter

Check for duplicate items in a list with Ansible using a custom filter

Ansible provides some useful ways to manipulate data and filter items from sets or lists. None of these built-in filters provided what I thought would be a simple task - show duplicate items in a list.

Let's assume that I mistyped and entered a duplicate IP address into a list - like so:

- {mac: 3E:79:66:00:87:F7, ip:, hostname: dns}
- {mac: F2:8F:35:40:8A:9C, ip:, hostname: irc}
- {mac: 92:A9:C6:04:AE:CA, ip:, hostname: dev}

I need a way to not only check each item for …

Fully automated DNS and DHCP with Ansible, Dnsmasq and Pihole

Fully automated DNS and DHCP with Ansible, Dnsmasq and Pihole

You do like declarative configurations don't you? Good!

For the longest time I've made do with clicking through the Opnsense UI to add static IP reservations via MAC address mapping. It's been one of those minor friction points of network administration that I've put up with because automating the process seemed daunting.

This post will detail how I solved a few interesting problems as I fully automated DNS overrides and DHCP reservations using Pihole, and the program it's built on top of Dnsmasq.

Some …

Advanced Wireguard Container Routing


WireGuard at this point needs no introduction as it became quite ubiquitous especially within the homelab community due to its ease of use and high performance. We previously showcased several ways to route host and container traffic through our WireGuard docker container in a prior blog article. In this article, we will showcase a more complex setup utilizing multiple WireGuard containers on a VPS to achieve split tunneling so we can send outgoing connections …

Notes to self: Ansible, SSH, and a password

I’m just the messenger; don’t kill me. The user who asked the question and I both well know the security of logging in via SSH can greatly be improved upon by using SSH keys instead of passwords.

Be that as it may, there was what I thought an interesting case, in that an Ansible installation with a few hundred hosts has the requirement to change root passwords whenever an admin departs the organization. In order for this to be possible, passwords obtained from a password storage will be used to login as …

Use 1 PiKVM instance to control 4 systems

Use 1 PiKVM instance to control 4 systems

I've previously written about this topic but feel the need to post an update as after watching a recent TechnoTim video, I have adopted a new 4x1 HDMI matrix which works a whole lot better.

The goal here is to use 1 PiKVM to control 4 servers "at once". By "at once", I mean "one at a time but with the ability to dynamically switch between up to 4 systems from a single PiKVM instance".

I know the Raspberry Pi 4 is practically impossible to buy these days but if you have one from the old days you can use, then …

Encrypted Ansible local facts and an age encryption/decryption filter

While explaining Ansible’s local facts to students last week, I was asked whether it’s possible to have encrypted facts on the node which get decrypted on use when read by the Ansible controller. The use-case would be some smallish data which is encrypted at rest, “invisible” to curious people on the node, but usable on the management server.

It might be feasible to to place Vault-encrypted (have you seen nanvault?) data on the node and unvaulting it (that’s verb I invented) on the controller (wasn’t there …

External-facing API + React apps

I've just started at a company that currently uses Odoo but is facing issues with regards to usability of the user-interface.

We want to continue to use Odoo for trained managers, but build a suite of external "micro-apps" in React JS that allow end-users to have a simple, modern, responsive interface that is tailored to their specific task.

The React apps will need to leverage Odoo's data via an API that does not exist yet, but that will need to be scalable and robust with features you'd expect in a …

Draw and Map your Self Hosted Services using Excaladraw

Draw and Map your Self Hosted Services using Excaladraw

Back in March of 2023 I wrote an article highlighting an app called Excalidraw. Since then, I have been seeing quite a few people using it or recommending it for drawing diagrams.

Excaladraw is a great self-hosted and open source web tool for drawing diagrams and mapping out projects that you want to display comprehensive visuals of.

I'm going to create a simple diagram that shows my self-hosted services setup and explain how I did it using nothing more than Excalidraw and free icons from WalkxCode on …

Open Resume - A Minimal Self-Hosted Resume Builder and Parser

Open Resume - A Minimal Self-Hosted Resume Builder and Parser

It's great to see more self-hosted resume builders appearing. Today I want to take a look at a relatively newer resume builder called OpenResume.

What is Open Resume?

OpenResume is a powerful open-source resume builder and resume parser. The goal of OpenResume is to provide everyone with free access to a modern professional resume design and enable anyone to apply for jobs with confidence.
Open Resume - A Minimal Self-Hosted Resume Builder and Parser

Links: Github | Demo

Open Resume - A Minimal Self-Hosted Resume Builder and Parser

OpenResume is very easy to setup and use. Just fill in the form and the app does the resume …

Flatnotes - Distraction-Free Note Taking at Its Finest

Flatnotes - Distraction-Free Note Taking at Its Finest

A self-hosted markdown note taking app can provide greater productivity and organization capabilities, as well as more control and flexibility over the management of notes. Meet flatnotes!

What is Flatnotes?

Flatnotes is a self-hosted note taking web app that uses markdown files for storage. This database-less app is designed to be a distraction-free environment that prioritizes the content of your notes. The app features a clean and simple user interface that allows you to access all of your notes with ease. …

Introducing Incredible PBX 2027 for LXC Linux Containers

We introduced Zorin OS in our recent review of the latest Acer Aspire 5 notebook PC. If you’ve never heard of Zorin, it’s probably the best desktop operating system available. While it is Linux-based, it can look like any desktop you’re already familiar with including Windows 11 and even a Mac if you spring for … Continue reading

On the importance of logging

I recently spent an inordinate amount of time trying to debug why a curl-initiated Webhook POST to AWX was being rejected with the lame message

{"detail":"A server error has occurred."}

In spite of configuring debug logging and log forwarding from AWX, I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. My assumption was the body of the post was missing something. I looked at the source code of the api view controller and still didn’t figure it out and basically gave up after an hour. Actual webhooks posted from Gitea …

Notes to self on Woodpecker-CI

It’s been six years since I first looked at Gitea, and I have only now begun looking at implementing continuous integration (CI) with it.

Gitea’s Actions didn’t convince me when I toyed with them, so I looked further and found Woodpecker-CI which I set up using this guide after removing the actual Gitea container because I already have that running as a service. Woodpecker-CI’s documentation is plentiful and quite understandable, but I missed an introduction on why to use docker-compose and not the …

Working with the flow of ideas

2023-12-25-07 Flow of ideas #writing #metaphor
2023-12-25-07 Flow of ideas #writing #metaphor
Text from sketch


Flow of ideas

What can I learn from thinking about the flow rate?

input > output, and that's okay


  • idea: agenda/review?
  • capture: refile to tags
  • toot: use this more, get stuff out
  • braindump: use transcripts or outline
  • sketch: bedtime
  • post: cut off earlier, can follow up
  • video: workflow tweaks


  • more input is not always better; already plenty, not …

2023-12-30-01 Daily moments

2023-12-30-01 Daily moments #drawing
2023-12-30-01 Daily moments #drawing
Text from sketch

Inspired by Arne Bab (who mentioned being inspired by my sketches) I've been drawing daily moments since 2023-03-20. Nothing fancy, just a quick reminder of our day.

I draw while the kiddo watches a bedtime video. Sometimes she suggests a moment to draw, or flips through the pages and laughs at the memories.

I also have my text journal (occasionally with photos) and my time tracker. It doesn't take a lot of …

2023 The year in review

I don’t check my portfolio very often because I’m still not back to my all time high from 2021 and I only like to look at the numbers when they’re really, really good or when they reach a new peak. But it’s time to update my chart, so I had to look, and the market has rebounded quite nicely since its dip last year so my finances are solid. I’m happy.

My expenses were roughly the same as it has been in past years, which is absolutely shocking when you consider the fact that I don’t pay rent anymore. …

How to customize Incus containers with cloud-init

Incus is a manager for virtual machines and system containers. There is also an Incus support forum.

A virtual machine (VM) is an instance of an operating system that runs on a computer, along with the main operating system. A virtual machine uses hardware virtualization features for the separation from the main operating system. With virtual machines, the full operating system boots up in them. You can use cloud-init to customize virtual machines that are launched with Incus.

A system container is an …

Migrate email data from one Google Workspace account to another, available in open beta

What’s changing

Beginning today, a new data migration experience is available: you can migrate your users’ email data from one Google Workspace account to another in a more reliable and efficient manner. You can configure your data migration for up to 100 users at a time and also run delta migrations, which smartly brings over any newly generated data from the source without duplicating previously migrated content.

This feature is available as an open beta, which means admins can use it without enrolling in a …

9 New Albums I'm Recommending Right Now

I stray off the beaten path in search of righteous music you won’t hear about elsewhere.

I’m not deliberately trying to be obscure. But it works out that way. The best music nowadays comes mostly from tiny indie labels and self-produced albums. It flourishes in unexpected places—and often gets distributed without a marketing campaign, or even a press release.

That’s certainly the case with most of the albums I’m recommending below. Many of these tracks were made at home or school or an abandoned water tank …

My Under 5'10" review

To start, I'm 5'6", I hover around 150 pounds, athletic build (usually), 39" chest, 30-31" waist, 26-27" inseam. So I'm not super skinny, nor am I overweight.

I purchased 3 pants and 2 shirts from Under 5'10" in 2 different orders.

Quite frankly, for the price, I'm impressed. The shipping speed was amazingly fast; both orders shipped the next day (I ordered both after 5pm est) and arrived 3 days after order was placed with the standard shipping rate.

The first order was a pair of black Omni stretch knit …

How to manage the files of several Incus containers from a separate Incus container

Incus is a manager for virtual machines and system containers.

A system container is an instance of an operating system that also runs on a computer, along with the main operating system. A system container uses, instead, security primitives of the Linux kernel for the separation from the main operating system. You can think of system containers as software virtual machines.

In this post we are going to see how to conveniently manage the files of several Incus containers from a separate Incus …

Available in open beta: Build AppSheet automations using Google Forms

This announcement was part of Google Cloud Next ‘24. Visit the Workspace Blog to learn more about the next wave of innovations in Workspace, including enhancements to Gemini for Google Workspace.

What’s changing

AppSheet helps users automate manual workflows by integrating with data sources like Google Drive and Sheets, and today we’re excited to announce its integration with another data collection tool in Workspace: Google Forms.

Many companies rely on the data collected via form submissions when they are …

Introducing AppSheet Organizations

What’s changing 

We’re making it easier to manage your AppSheet users with the introduction of AppSheet Organizations. An AppSheet organization creates organization administrators with a centralized tool to manage all of the teams in the organization and delegate team management responsibilities to team administrators. 

This chart shows the hierarchical relationship between an organization, and its teams and members. 

An organization is based on a Workspace organization and is tied to your primary domain. One …

Odoo REST API modules in the marketplace - which one do you use?

I tried two REST API modules in Odoo Marketplace. And I am not quite sure about the authentication. One needs to concatenate username and password another is unclear - I am still clueless about this one honestly.

I am thinking about "sync" and create automation workflows among a couple of services (Stripe, my React web app, etc) and Odoo. I am trying Azure Logic App as I can easily use Azure Key Vault with it and I have other apps hosted in Azure.

I do code but not like a developer. So I am comfortable …

Re-assign the open stuff after an employee has left

Things can be assigned in many different places from Projects/tasks to CRM (I think all activities from chatter go here?) to Purchase orders, etc.

Found this post on the Odoo forum:

What is the process to offboard a User in Odoo? Is there a checklist of steps? | Odoo

But it seems to be a very manual process.

Is there a better way?

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New ways to quickly format and organize data with tables in Google Sheets

This announcement was part of Google Cloud Next ‘24. Visit the Workspace Blog to learn more about the next wave of innovations in Workspace, including enhancements to Gemini for Google Workspace.

What’s changing

We know it can be time consuming to perform repetitive tasks like updating data in a spreadsheet. In addition, maintaining the structure and format of the data can be difficult when there are multiple people updating the document.

To help solve for this, we’re excited to announce tables in Google …

What's the best attendance fingerprint machine to use with Odoo?


We're in the process of moving to Odoo v17 hosted on Digital Ocean. We want to purchase and implement an attendance fingerprint machine to track when every employee came into office and left office. There are about 50 employees in total. What's the best brand that's compatible with Odoo?


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This Week in Self-Hosted (10 May 2024)

This Week in Self-Hosted (10 May 2024)
This Week in Self-Hosted is sponsored by Tailscale, helping you securely access local devices and services from anywhere—without worrying about ports and firewalls. Check out the subnet router feature and get started today.

This Week in Self-Hosted

This Week in Self-Hosted (10 May 2024)

It was a slow news cycle in the world of self-hosting this week. In lieu of the usual recap, enjoy some notable project activity I've been following closely the past several weeks.

In no particular order:

  • One of the Home Assistant developers recently released …

API via XMLRPC - Is there a better way for multiple calls?

I am using XMLRPC to access the API. (Man do I wish I could do this with simple SQL calls).

I am building out a PDF price list for customers. I have 4 tiers of pricing and I want to show the product name and each of the tiers.

//this starts the process to grab the Tier1 price (1 of 4 tiers) $ids = $models->execute_kw($db, $uid, $password, 'product.pricelist.item', 'search_read', array(array(array('pricelist_id', '=', 1)))); foreach ($ids as $passid) { $ids1 = $models->execute_kw($db, $uid, $password, …

Gemini ( is now available to Google Workspace users in more territories and languages

This announcement was part of Google I/O ‘24. Visit the Workspace Blog for more  about new ways to engage with Gemini for Workspace and the Keyword Blog for more ways to stay productive with Gemini for Google Workspace.

What’s changing

Earlier this year, we announced that Google Workspace customers with a Gemini Enterprise or Business add-on now have access to chat with Gemini at

Starting today, we’re pleased to announce that Gemini ( is now available in more than 35 …

Read 20 Short Stories From Nobel Prize-Winning Writer Alice Munro (RIP) Free Online

Note: Back in 2013, when Alice Munro won the Nobel Prize in Literature, we published a post featuring 20 short stories written by Munro. Today, with the sad news that Alice Munro has passed away, at the age of 92, we’re bringing the original post (from October 10, 2013) back to the surface–in part because you can still read the 20 stories free online. Please find the stories at the bottom of this post.

Calling her a “master of the contemporary short story,” the Swedish Academy awarded 82-year-old …

Self-Hosting Guide to Alternatives: Airtable

Self-Hosting Guide to Alternatives: Airtable

Airtable is a popular SaaS platform for collecting, visualizing, and sharing data through low-code applications built on relational databases from a spreadsheet-like interface. Like Notion, Airtable has gained widespread popularity across individual and enterprise settings as an easy way to manage projects, event planning, calendars, roadmaps, inventories, and more.

Fortunately, a number of self-hosted projects have gained popularity in the last several years as viable alternatives for replicating Airtable's …

Odoo Evaluation: Restricting Visibility of Inventory to Other Branches

Greetings. I am in the process of evaluating Odoo, using both a local install of Community and; overall, I'm impressed with the platform.

However, one issue - a potential showstopper - is that each branch can all inventory across all branches; this is incredibly confusing and given my target clientele, could create significant problems.

I have been scouring forums, documentation, you name it, for an answer and just haven't found one that fits my problem - I can't believe this is a first. I realize …

Introducing adaptive audio in Google Meet: creating ad-hoc meeting spaces with multiple laptops

What’s changing 

In this hybrid work era, we hear from customers that finding a video conferencing room to join a meeting is often difficult. With “adaptive audio,” you and your team can join Google Meet using multiple laptops in close proximity without awkward echos and audio feedback. This is a great benefit for organizations with not enough video conferencing rooms or without resources for dedicated conference room equipment. 

Adaptive audio in Meet will automatically detect the presence of multiple …

Odoo Online -- Default Outgoing Mail Server + Marketing Email Server (Amazon SES)

I figured out how to send marketing emails via Amazon SES -- but now my regular emails are also sending via Amazon SES and not the default mail server provided by Odoo Online.

Is it possible to restore this functionality -- seems that the minute I create a mail server to use for marketing emails, that the default Odoo server is no longer even an option for sending mail.

I played around with a bunch of the alias settings -- but I'm in over my head on that end.

EDIT: As a stopgap -- I added my non-marketing …

Odoo Project (& Task) & Planning Modules

Hello everyone

I'm trying to streamline how I use Odoo for project management and hoping someone has a better system than mine to share ....

I have multiple projects with tasks and most of the tasks have time estimates allocated to them (created from project templates) and all this is working fairly well. I started off using activities to create reminders when various actions need to be done and this works ok(ish) but doesn't give me visibility of how long each of the tasks will take.

I have tried the …

Product Setup for Maximum Reporting Flexibility

Hi all

In Odoo 14, are there any options other than Product Category for analysis that carry through to sales reporting? Analytic accounting has not been enabled (can you even do this in retrospect?).

I am helping someone else out. They are a retail and distribution business and aren't getting the right kind of sales data they need to run the business properly. They need to be able to report by a) supplier/brand, b) product line/function across multiple brands and c) by product. I came from MS Business …

Seeking Insights on Leveraging Data Analytics with Odooo

Hey everyone,

I've been diving deep into the world of data analytics recently, especially in how it can be integrated with Odoo. I'm really curious about how other businesses are leveraging their Odoo data to drive insights and decision-making.

For those of you who have experience or are currently working with data analytics on your Odoo instance:

  • What tools or platforms are you using for data visualization and reporting? I love Power BI but I don't see any easy integration.

  • Have you found any effective …

A Man’s Guide on How To Fold a Button-up Shirt

A Man’s Guide on How To Fold a Button-up Shirt

by · Clothing and Style | May contain affiliate links (what's this?)

Knowing how to fold a button-up shirt ensures that it remains crisp wherever you store it. Use this guide for various hassle-free folding techniques.