Review for week 3 of 2016

Monday, Jan 25, 2016

Review for week 3 of 2016, Jan 18 to 24

What worked this week

Meditation seems to be already an established part of my routine, although it still moves around during the day, depending on my energy levels and time that I have to allocate to other things.

I’ve been pretty diligent also about keeping a daily record of activities, and trying to schedule in advance important meetings and tasks; this week marked the completion of several multi-steps projects, that were executed on time. I’ve also been happy with the pomodoro technique, that allows me to concentrate on a task and leaves me time for general browsing.

After discussing the plans for our next house project, main bedroom and home office renovation, I spent some time tidying up the books and boxes we keep in a closet in our second bedroom turned home office.

I kept up the routine of grocery shopping for vegetables once a week, and making smoothies with fruits and (lots of) veggies.

Interesting conversations during dinner party and lots of family time.

What didn’t work

I managed to draft December’s monthly area meeting, and scheduled this month’s meeting as well; instead we ended up discussing the previous notes, and just giving a general outline of the tasks to be accomplished.

Sleep hygiene continues to be an elusive goal; I’ve been researching polysomnography labs in the city that I could use.


We hadn’t been to the movies in a while. Saw The Embrace of the Serpent. Interesting, and I can’t help but wonder at the guts that takes to make this kind of movie (in black and white, even) in this Country. Well deserved Oscar nod.


Spotify playlist of the week was Funky Soul / Rare groove


Very simple roasted eggplant with olive oil and lemon.


This week’s coffee was Huila Pink Bourbon, from Bourbon Coffee Roasters’ Ancestros selection.