Weekly review for week 2 2015

Friday, Jan 9, 2015

As usual for the holidays, the first two weeks of the year were dedicated to family activities. Spent a very fruitful afternoon tending to the vertical garden, filling out some blank spaces and trying out two new species of plants.

After taking down the christmas decorations, did some organizing in the garage storage space, and in general I’m much happier with the storage available to us now. The apartment looks cleaner and more organized, and there are few if any spots that feel untidy or inefficient.

Sleep hygiene is not improving, and I still read late into the night, and wake up low on energy. I’ll have to take up again the custom of leaving the phone completely out of the bedroom at night. It seemed to work fine for a couple of days, but I missed a couple of early calls and got worried.


Finished Counter-clock World, by Philip K Dick. Pretty standard PKD fare. Managed to touch some issues of personal responsibility and hard decisions, but didn’t quite seem to find its footing.

Finished The Martian, by Andy Weir. Interesting situation, with great setup and definition; sometimes gets bogged down in the technical details, but that was exactly what the author didn’t want to gloss over; in general, an engineer’s delight.


Made a couple of changes in the site, in order to import what I had been sharing through Tiny Tiny RSS as a new section. The idea of curation goes back to one of the starting ideas for blogging: sharing interesting stuff that one finds online.