Weekly Report for the week of 2014-08-18

Monday, Aug 25, 2014

Ending the week on a very high note, with 2014’s version of the Alimentarte food festival in benefit of Colombian Police Officers and their families. We enjoyed both foreign cuisine (Indian lamb and Peruvian ceviche), and traditional Colombian food (aborrajados, which are deep-fried sweet plaintain with cheese, and lulada, a somewhat bitter fruit juice).

Time analysis


Finished Kurt Vonegut’s Sirens of Titan, which I truly didn’t like. I found it slow, and disorganized, and even somewhat pointless.

The reddit re-read of Game of Thrones continues, where I get to explore the books at a more leisurely pace, and then read both this year’s discussion as the one from the previous cycle. I also enjoy going through the race for the iron throne blog, and its chapter-by-chapter analysis, including very interesting what-if scenarios, and a detailed comparison with real events, from the point of view of political history.