Weekly Report for the week of 2014-05-19

Monday, May 26, 2014

A week of re-grouping, and taking on some of my previous projects; getting back into the habit of working from a weekly tasklist in vimwiki, and getting most things organized, prior to our trip to the board meeting.

Lots of shopping done, from Amazon: receive an Ikea sheepskin cover for the plastic chair in the study, which looks cozy and much nicer now. Also received a nice-looking washboard, which we had thought about getting after the laundry room was done. Finally moved forward with the adjustable-height desk project, ordering a set of Jarvis legs, and a highly recommended (although somewhat expensive) gel mat.

I moved forward on some other projects at work, and the succession process is moving along, though a bit too slow for everyone’s taste.

Time analysis


Finished reading The Catcher in the Rye, which I probably should have done way back in my teens; never too late to catch up on classic works.

After going through Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, started reading his other books around the same subjects, including whole volumes dedicated to Death and Despair.