Weekly Report for the week beginning in 2013-09-23

Tuesday, Oct 1, 2013

Very unproductive week, most of the tasks scheduled for the week were left unfinished, even though this week saw advance in the most pressing projects that were overdue.

Had a great time cooking with S, as part of our Sunday routine; some great picadillo, with a spicy touch. Had another try at roasting a whole chicken, this time in a teriyaki pineapple marinade - the oven got completely splattered with oil. We have to remember to just pat the marinade dry and throw it in the rack, and also to tie the legs to prevent it from opening apart; and place an extra tray at the bottom of the oven… We’ve started wondering if it’s too much trouble.

Relationships continued to be a strong part of the week; I wrote a long-delayed letter to M, and enjoyed the long walks and cooking with S.

I started a personal project to take up wet shaving; ordered some supplies from Amazon, and have had success in using the double edge (or “safety”) razor. Lathering the shaving cream with a nice brush and applying it to the face brings an element of care and sophistication to my morning routine. I can’t wait to try different scents of shaving creams and after shave balms and eventually trying to lather shaving soaps.

Started measuring my blood pressure daily, and the numbers are very consistent and mostly in the optimal range.

Finished Crooked Little Vein, by Warren Ellis. Very energetic, easy to read, not much time to pause and think, but it was over much too soon.

Tasks for the week

  • Finances
    • Draft letter to Credencial re difference in USD charges #b83204e2
    • Balance TD Ameritrade account #911868ec
    • Balance Fidelity account #e63ad002
    • Pay apartment valorization tax - not this year #df373f09
  • Relationships
    • Continue message to K #3463d3ad
    • Write ‘update’ message to M #31727c5b
    • Have one pizza night #809b9863
    • Have one reading night #c93de2ae
    • Complete the sunday routine #bbb7c765
    • Buy jumbo sequence game for mom #d6d198a3
    • Review LGP proposal #fa7a3814
  • Work
    • Enter all data for items in OpenERP sheet #8dd402ed
    • Enter all data for accounts in OpenERP sheet #76c07c9a
    • Outline Board project: manage inventory cost in USD #8584a487
    • Modify commissions program to read new listing #ade9cb41
    • Setup Mailmerge in logistics laptop to print labels #0855b8e8
    • Outline action plan to evaluate Salt as an alternative to Puppet #586a0c84
    • [.] Move Quality Procedures to Drupal #75eaf90d
    • Create Drupal section for calibration certificates #9fc45c2c
    • [O] Send and publish data protection law message #4d5c6301
  • Apartment
    • Call plumber re leaking faucet - Not yet #fc7001e8
  • Career
    • [.] Review data sent by building administration #5e18de11
    • Publish second blog entry for entertainment system (coffee room) #735c6a9d
    • Send Cuenta de Cobro 2013-09-04 to JH #28b982db
  • Routine
    • Exercise at least two days this week #9a2fbbb6
    • Meditate at least four days this week #6c993638
    • Oil the kitchen counter top #6f86da94
  • Health
    • Take blood pressure for at least four days this week #2b5ad928
  • Productivity
    • Process this month’s emails #736c3eed
  • Sleep
    • Go to sleep before 1 am at least four days #e4e00817
  • Travel
    • Make reservations for hotels in BA and IF #cc52803e
  • Art
    • Read Crooked little Vein #aaeca09c
    • Read Great shark hunt #99f887c9

Time Analysis

Sleep hygiene was poor again, even though I managed to track over 10 hours a day average. Time dedicated to browsing feeds (or Google+ or Twitter, or even Facebook) was the highest since I started tracking.