Weekly Report for the week beginning in 2013-09-16

Monday, Sep 23, 2013

Another atypical week, with my in-laws visiting due to illness in the family.

This week, however, felt very productive; I managed to advance some important projects, and not one area of responsibility was left unattended.

I feel good about Relationships in general: we spent some time with families, I spoke a little with K, and have lunch tentatively scheduled for next week, and I spent some time with S, although we skipped on cooking this week.

Next week will be dedicated to completing some of these projects, and tightening discretionary time from non-productive browsing into focused, goal-oriented activities.

Tasks for the week

  • Finances
    • Write Credencial re difference in USD charges #55e4404c
    • Balance TD Ameritrade account #a45cbcde
    • Balance Bancolombia JEG account #731fe4d9
    • Pay apartment valorization tax #24f48bd6
    • Fill employee’s form for domestic service #5cbe4bb4
  • Relationships
    • Continue message to K #4583b282
    • Write ‘update’ message to M #b653b656
    • Have one pizza night #d5c00b3b
    • Have one reading night #88093120
    • Complete the sunday routine #e9e76f38
    • Go to cheese festival on 93d st park #02bcc7f4
    • Buy jumbo sequence game for mom #62dc261c
    • Get more quotes for LGP’s laptop #6931bdcd
    • Review LGP proposal #7a5ac296
  • Work
    • Enter all data for items in OpenERP sheet #d088f1c2
    • (Board Meeting) Outline project: manage inventory cost in USD #f17afd3d
    • Send minutes to some board members #9bd22f1e
    • Modify commissions program to read new listing #52d802fb
    • Register IT meeting from 2013-09-04 into Drupal #2504d654
    • Research mailmerge in LibreOffice to generate ‘n’ copies from column #ee4cab95
    • Research Salt as an alternative to Puppet #9f2cdf78
    • [.] Move Quality Procedures to Drupal #cdd622f9
    • Verify version of PV03R1 against what I have (v5) #e36d8b92
    • [O] Send and publish data protection law message #3c4d455d
    • Troubleshoot blank spaces in accounting listing #0c03bbe4
    • Register IT meeting from 2013-09-04 into Drupal #3967f719
  • Apartment
    • Call plumber re leaking faucet #596d876f
  • Career
    • Write JHH: waiting for decision re project B hosting and website #09efe6c2
    • [.] Review data sent by building administration #3251b04f
    • Publish second blog entry for entertainment system (coffee room) #9c200f74
  • Routine
    • Exercise at least four days this week #b7f5b764
    • Meditate at least five days this week #300e0fb5
    • Take car for 10K checkup #c949c46b
    • Oil the kitchen counter top #4ce23b90
  • Health
    • Take blood pressure for at least four days this week #40e03edf
  • Productivity
    • Publish monthly report for August #34527477
    • Process last month’s emails #ef184466
    • Move all locally stored passwords to encrypted vimwiki #6ab9891e
  • Sleep
    • Go to sleep before 1 am at least four days #37880fee
  • Travel
    • Make reservations for hotels in BA and IF #6726a537
  • Art
    • Read Forty Days of Dating #05bb5783
    • Read Cat’s Cradle #6babbb8e
    • Read Crooked little Vein #273acea8

Time Analysis

Browsing is getting out of control again. This week I managed to balance it by dedicated reading: finished Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut, and read a little out loud with S as part of our weekly practice.

As time goes on, and projects start taking shape, I hope more time will be devoted to these specific projects, and Routine activities will diminish, as Work increases.