Monthly Report for August 2013

Sunday, Sep 22, 2013

August was a month of new routines. I continued with the experiment of tracking my daily activities using hamster, with interesting results. I discovered a few time wasters in my constant browsing of RSS feeds, and since I just started using vimwiki, I spent a lot of time just setting it up and configuring it, which is the usual way I learn to use these type of tools.


I started getting serious about vim on December of last year, when I decided to organize the plugins I was using with a tool called Pathogen. When I discovered vimwiki, I immediately saw its potential as a replacement for several sources of information that I had scattered all over the place. From the collections of links left to gather dust in, to the logs that I had in plain text, markdown files and more recently outliner files.

These logs, incidentally, have been a very important practice at work: storing every significant process or experiment makes it easy to review progress, and avoids having to re-learn things again and again.

It was easy to create three separate wikis in vimwiki, each one with different settings and location. The main wiki serves as storage of areas of interest, where I enter links to articles and ideas related to each subject.

This wiki also has a journal section, that I use as my main area for logs. Here I register detailed steps of significant activities or tasks.

A second wiki consists only of a journal area, that I use as a blog. Vimwiki allows me to write this second journal in Markdown, and I can point Pelican to generate a static blog from this directory.

A third wiki is just a single blowfish-encrypted page, with all my passwords, replacing the useful but aging Revelation. I use automatic folding on this page, in order to prevent displaying all of the stored data at once when opening the file.

Weekly reviews

One of the main uses of the blog is recording a weekly review, where I analyse the tasks I completed and what is left undone. I also do the Getting Things Done process, in order to establish the tasks for the next week, and make sure nothing is left lingering in psychic ram.


The entertainment system project saw a big advance: the living room and the coffee room now have their own set of speakers, connected to the house library through DLNA. A couple of things are still missing, but the general idea is working.

Part of this project meant using our old Nexus One phones as DLNA renderers, attached to the speakers. We’re using our shiny new Nexus 4 phones as daily cells, and couldn’t be happier; they really are great little machines.

Finished Reading

![Invention of Air](images/2013-09-22_invention_of_air.jpg)

The Invention of Air by Steven Johnson


Very, very good pork Milanese; we couldn’t eat enough of those. Also, I found an easy recipe for spicy Mexican-style hot chocolate, which I started making with the organic cocoa we bought at the Boyaca expo.

  • Pork Milanese
  • Baked pasta with chicken
  • Mexican spicy hot chocolate


Discovered Sigur Rós, and listened to some Harry Belafonte.

Tested the new speakers with a lot of Michael Nyman and George Clinton.