Weekly Report for the week beginning in 2013-09-02

Monday, Sep 9, 2013

Priorities were put aside, mostly due to the trip to Cali and the Board meeting at the end of the week. The unresolved issues at work have started to bother me deeply, since I see no progress being made and the pressure increases. I moved some of these tasks pre-emptively to next week’s agenda.

Progress was made on interesting subjects, like the research of Static Site Generators in node.js, which will help move forward the B. side project.

I paid my taxes, and managed to replace the lenses, due to the damage made to the glasses.

Stress due to the trip and the pending issues caused some marital strife; even though things are mostly patched, next week will be one of absence, due to S’ interesting international trip, a great career-advancing move.

The trip and meeting at the end of the week affected sleep hyigiene, which has failed to improve for the second week in a row.

Summary of tasks for the week

  • Work
    • Design presentation for board meeting #ce047463
    • Prepare monthly report for the Board #6c477265
    • Enter all data for items in OpenERP sheet #12fc4153
    • [.] Move Quality Procedures to Drupal #723eaa16
    • [O] Send and publish data protection law message #64457fc1
    • Open mailchimp account #bcdc1e8a
    • Enter new sales people into comission table (SMP, arm) #630323a8
    • Troubleshoot blank spaces in accounting listing #ec401b26
    • Register IT meeting from 2013-09-04 into Drupal #ce8df312
  • Career
    • [o] Install Bonsai site generator #2b74ae56
    • Install node.js and docpad site generator #298f4d9d
    • [o] Administer Biera’s account in GoDaddy #0df23ff5
    • [.] Review data sent by building administration #1ee6a1ef
    • Publish second blog entry for entertainment system (coffee room) #2bce4521
  • Finances
    • Write Credencial re difference in USD charges #c1409b87
    • Fill out web tax form #637074e3
    • Print form, sign, and pay taxes #14d0f935
  • Apartment
    • Look for phone number of plumber to fix social bathroom faucet #7fead1e7
  • Relationships
    • Have reading night on monday
    • Have pizza night
    • Write message to K, outlined week before last #0f7bfbbc
  • Routine
    • Exercise at least five days this week #9966154c
    • Meditate at least five days this week #ad622571
    • Take car for 10K checkup #7d4fc8aa
    • Oil the kitchen counter top #625a3794
  • Health
    • Have lenses changed #f5ac2734
    • Buy thyroid medication #c91d0ab0
  • Productivity
    • Publish monthly report for August #e6ff95f5
    • Publish report of self-tracking results for the previous week #e02982e9
    • Process week before last’s emails (10 left) #3d7c6e93
    • [o] Move all locally stored passwords to encrypted vimwiki #21f6bfd9
  • Sleep
    • Go to sleep before 1 am at least four days #ebc73aee
  • Discretionary
    • Errands: pay Colsanitas invoice #f5839c6e

Time analysis

Much less sleep than the other weeks (and at worse times), which could be a reason for the irritability; time dedicated to work shot up in preparation for the board meeting, as expected. Browsing aimlessly online seems to have diminished, probably after having realized the large swaths of time I’d been devoting to just keeping up with the flow of information.

Some advance in long-standing issues related to the sales comission programs were found, and I expect next week to hammer the details I need to correct.

Wok trip at the end of the week, and for half of the next, and then I’ll have the house to myself because of S’ conference trip.

The focus next week will be getting those details from work projects, and finishing the previous tasks.