Weekly Report for the week beginning in 2013-08-26

Monday, Sep 2, 2013

All in all not a very productive week, although a bit more balanced, with nice chunks of time dedicated to walking, and being with S (reading, walking, cooking), and less time to personal routine.

Much of last week’s backlog is still due, which means that not all of the tasks and outcomes are clearly defined. This week should be planned around defining those, before progress is expected. About the same time dedicated to work than last week, without much results.

We managed to complete our second sunday night routine (following Apartment Therapy’s great Sunday night 101 guide), including a short walk after dinner - It leaves us relaxed and ready to begin the week with focus and (a little more) energy.

I slipped on meditation and exercise, which is either cause or consequence for the lower energy levels for the week.

More sleep than last week (75 vs 61 hours), and healthier hours with 4 days of before-midnight bedtime. However, waking up during the night was a constant throughout the week.