Weekly Report for the week beginning in 2013-08-19

Wednesday, Aug 28, 2013

The (shortened) week for August 20th to 25th of 2013 (Week #34) started with organization in mind. I recently started using vimwiki, and planned the week’s priorites and tasks on a new wiki.

As with every new tool, tinkering with vimwiki took a large part of the week (almost 24hrs, in fact).

Sadly, some important priorities at work went unattended; I need to buckle down and be more productive next week.

Another important priority that didn’t get completed was to improve sleep hygiene, with the average bedtime still later than 0200. Average sleep time was 8:40 hours.

On the positive side, I was able to put an emphasis on relationships, restoring pizza night, cooking at home throughout the week, and spending quality time with S. We also had an interesting talk about routines, the positive and negative aspects of them.

I also completed my goals for meditation and exercise, which I’ll schedule again for next week.

There’s been procrastination in some projects (like tax preparation, and the dreaded data import problem to the new ERP), and progress in others (like the entertainment system, the wiki, and improving my vim’s setup), which shows somewhat skewed priorities.