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My interests

Some of my main interests


We renovated our apartment’s kitchen, and we’ve been enjoying cooking and baking much more than before. Our most used appliance is the combination slow cooker/rice maker/ pressure cooker from InstantPot.

We also enjoy a nice steak cooked sous vide on the gorgeous Joule.

Linux and Free software

I’m a long-time Linux user, and I currently administer over 100 Ubuntu and CentOS systems in our company: servers as well as laptops and thin clients sharing multi-user resources. Most of this configured and administered via Ansible.


Our living room and dining room are brimming with plants. I’ve been meaning to take pictures of all of them and put them here in a gallery or database.

We love our monstera deliciosa, and our fig leag ficus, a couple of very popular plants, but our begonias have also been growing nicely.

Podcasts and Streaming

As we spend all of our time inside, we need a bit more musical support; we’ve been streaming lots of internet-only radio stations. One of our favorites is Radio Paradise, playing mostly radio-style classic rock, but a little more obscure than commercial stations used to be, both in the artists mix and in the selection of songs.

Podcasts have now been relegated to late-night kitchen cleanup and while doing the dishes (which is a lot nowadays!). Perhaps I’m a bit too capitalist for it, but I’ve been enjoying getting outraged with Eat the rich.

Specialty coffee

Living in Colombia, it’s a matter of pride to seek out the best local roasters, and I’m constantly exploring coffee from new regions and farms. My favorite method of brewing is espresso, but I also enjoy the sweetness that the Chemex method brings to the cup.


Our trip to Japan was put on hold due to the pandemic, and any travel plans for the next couple of years have been suspended. One of the many changes we’ll have to make in our lives going forward.


Monday, May 4, 2020

Searching for a new backup tool

I’ve been using the included Déjà Dup backup tool for my Ubuntu desktop, mostly for the contents of the home directory and some configuration files. The media library I backup manually using rsync to the same external WD My Cloud drive.

Déjà Dup is a graphical interface to Duplicity, and it runs in the background every night, without much intervention on my part. Every now and then (very often, to me), it has to re-build the backup and start over. It also has issues with permissions on the NFS-shared folder in the external drive.

At $work I’ve decided on a pull-model to the backups, where a centralized server using rsnapshot copies the files from every laptop and server via rsyncd. This is good enough for servers, but it’s proving to be …

Shared from other sources

Links to interesting stuff found around the web

A Social Distance

Using crowd-sourced clips sent in from all over the world, filmmakers Ivan Cash and Jacob Jonas made a poignant short film called A Social Distance about how things are going as people shelter in place at home.

In the self-submitted videos, people dance, play music, take us on a tour of their refrigerator, and introduce us to their pets. Edited together, these intimate moments create a synchronicity of humanity — a feeling of togetherness that’s difficult to conjure when you’re sequestered at home.

The score for the film is by Steve Hackman, who I previously featured for his mashups of pop & classical music:

Hackman, the film’s composer, wrote sheet music that he distributed to musicians across the world. When he received their recordings, Hackman combined …