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Some of my main interests


We renovated our apartment’s kitchen, and we’ve been enjoying cooking and baking much more than before. Our most used appliance is the combination slow cooker/rice maker/ pressure cooker from InstantPot.

Linux and Free software

I’m a long-time Linux user, and I currently administer over 100 Ubuntu and CentOS systems in our company: servers as well as laptops and thin clients sharing multi-user resources. Most of this configured and administered via Ansible.


A large part of the audio that I listen to througout the day is podcasts, for over ten years now; I’m currently subscribed to about 30 feeds. A recent favorite: The West Wing Weekly.

Specialty coffee

Living in Colombia, it’s a matter of pride to seek out the best local roasters, and I’m constantly exploring coffee from new regions and farms. My favorite method of brewing is espresso, but I also enjoy the sweetness that the Chemex method brings to the cup.


We’ve started getting more serious about traveling abroad at least twice a year. Having the right gear helps a lot, so we both now use Tom Bihn carry-on bags: no checked luggage means a lot less headaches. We also upgraded to what is considered one of the best travel cameras around: The Sony RX-100 III.


Friday, Jan 18, 2019

Selecting a bookmarks manager

I stopped entering bookmarks into any kind of system about the time of the Delicious demise (Although I should still refer to it with its original URL).

What I do nowadays is just leave dozens and dozens of open tabs on my browsers (both my main Firefox browser in the desktop and Chrome on mobile), until it gets to be too much, and then I dump them into a markdown file in my vimwiki, using either the Export Tabs URLs add-on or the TabAttack extension, respectively.

Eventually I re-visit those sites, take a few notes about each one, and move them to their corresponding area of interest in the wiki.

I’ve decided to use a self-hosted option to replace this cumbersome process, mostly to allow me to make those brief notes, or assign tags to …

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Links to interesting stuff found around the web

Long-form YouTube: videos of entire long-distance train journeys

YouTube has been an existence-proof of forms of video that were lurking in potentia, unable to come into existence due to limitations of the distribution channel. The two-to-three-minute video has now been firmly established as a genre (with the six-second video hot on its heels), but there's plenty of room at the long end of the scale. Case in point: subculture of YouTubers who post full-length train journeys, hours and hours' worth -- and if that's not long-form enough, how about 134-hour sea crossings?

Given the modern vogue/panic about short-reads being mere "linkblogging" and the practice of spinning out a few hundred words into a "serious, long-form journalism" wheeze that is split across eight or more screens, this may just be the video form for our age (and please let it be a …